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Welcome to the Houlka Attendance Center Website.

 I am honored to be the principal of a school with such a rich, educational history.  Houlka Attendance Center has a time honored tradition of stimulating the youthful minds of our community.  Our faculty and staff commit daily to establishing a safe learning environment which nurtures students’ intellectual, emotional, and social growth.

 Our 5 guiding principles are

Be Prepared

Be Positive

Be Prompt

Be Responsible

Be Respectful

 We encourage children’s intellectual curiosity.  We are a community of learners, both faculty and students, who strive to stimulate our minds with a rigorous blend of academic courses, while understanding that instruction in lessons of life is crucial to becoming a positive, contributing member of society.  The faculty of Houlka Attendance Center is committed to providing rigorous instruction, meeting each student’s needs as they grow into lifelong learners. 

 Our teachers seek to combine intellectual knowledge with the knowledge of the heart in their efforts to prepare students for life in a world of increasing demands and pressures.  We recognize that being a role model begins by treating one another with mutual respect and kindness.  Our school celebrates individuality and diversity through the creation of a positive atmosphere where personal excellence is limited only by a person’s imagination.  

 Parental involvement in a child’s education from infancy to graduation is the key ingredient in a child’s success.  With a strong emphasis on education at home, a child’s intellectual curiosity and success is limitless.  At Houlka Attendance Center, we recognize the importance of a community-wide network of alliances and have a valued partnership with local entities which continue to strengthen the bonds that have been in place for so long. 

 We are a community where common sense and reason can still prevail over big city politics, where small town values flourish in a world that seems sometimes out of control, where a family can still raise a child with a sense of dignity and pride.  We are proof that progress does not mean shedding the values that define us.  We are the best kept little secret in north Mississippi. 


 Seth Burt, Principal

Houlka Attendance Center