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HLES Performs Nursery Rhymes and Possibilities

Written by: Crystel Ellison

Houston Lower Elementary School students lit up the stage as they shared nursery rhymes and sang about possibilities in their final productions of the year.

Christy Watkins, science special class teacher, along with Emily Peel, librarian, and Ann Weaver, gym coach, create the programs that draws parents to the school every other month.

They combine music, narration, acting, and talent to create programs that serve as a means to teach important lessons and build confidence in students.

“The students get a boost of self-confidence when they memorize parts and perform in front of their teachers, peers and parents. The programs are also used for academic purposes, such as to strengthen listening ability, build vocabulary and encourage creativity,” Watkins said.

Watkins went on to say kindergarten and first graders recited and acted out nursery rhymes, which caused them to create mental images. They also hoped to spark in students a love of nursery rhymes and all books.

The second grade program was entitled, “Possibilities.”

“The purpose of this program was for students to realize they have choices each and every day over their decisions and attitudes.  Even when things seem to be against us or out of our control, we have the power to react a certain way,” Watkins said.

Students also showcased talents and told what they wanted to be when they grew up.

“It was also an eye opener of the importance of having dreams and working toward those dreams, even as a child,” Watkins said.

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