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Houston School District Begins First Annual “Senior Walk”

Written and Photographed by: Crystel Ellison

Graduating seniors at Houston High School took part in the first annual “Senior Walk” Friday, May 13.

Seniors, donned in caps and gowns, loaded three school buses, which took them to stops at Houston Lower, Upper and Middle schools.

Seniors walked through the halls lined with elementary and middle school students and staff showing their support through cheers, applause and signs.

“This was an opportunity to show our seniors how much we appreciate them for having the persistence to make it to this point in their lives,” Tony Cook, Houston School District superintendent, said. “It will also give our younger students something to look forward to as they work through their educational careers.”

The event was inspiring to all involved. From younger siblings cheering on their older brothers and sisters to teachers sentimental and proud as they hugged necks and high-fived seniors they taught in earlier grades, the walk brought high school graduation to the forefront at Houston.

“A high school diploma is so important to students. Once they receive their diploma, they have a chance to be successful in life. Without it, life will be a constant struggle,” Cook said.

(For more pictures and videos of the “Senior Walk,” check out Houston School District’s Facebook page.)

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