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Mississippi Roads and WTVA Visit Houston Solar Race Team

Written by: Crystel Ellison
Photographed by: Summer Carner, April Moore, and Crystel Ellison

The Houston Solar Race Team won first place in the Adventure Division of the Panasonic World Solar Challenge in Australia in October 2015. Now that the Sundancer is back home, news and film crews visit Houston School District.

Mississippi PublicBroadcasting (MPB) sent a crew to Houston, March 2-3, to film for Mississippi Roads, a show that highlights people, places, events, attractions, and cultures of the Magnolia State. WTVA also sent a crew to Houston the previous week.

“The Houston Solar Race Team has two components of interest for MPB: education and highlighting Mississippi achievements,” said Lawrence Uelmen, MBP producer. “I was impressed that a small town like Houston is able to compete on a world stage and win.”

Uelmen and his film crew interviewed students and filmed HHS junior and HCRT Co-Captain Hunter Moore as he drove the Sundancer, escorted by police, through the Houston area.

Keith Reese, Houston School of Science and Technology teacher and HSRT manager. was interviewed as well. “This program is for all students. It promotes high order thinking skills, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, public speaking and team work,” said Reese.

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