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The Mississippi Gifted Education Act of 1989, as amended in 1993, mandates that each public school district within the state provide gifted education programs for intellectually gifted students in Grades 2-6.

The Chickasaw County School District provides a state mandated program for intellectually gifted students in second through sixth grade in accordance with the Mississippi Department of Education Guidelines:

  • Regulations for Gifted Education Programs 2013
  • Standards for the Gifted Education Program 2013
  • Outcomes for Intellectually Gifted Education 2017
  • Outcomes Scope and Sequence 2017


C- gifted ChildrenĀ 

L-Learning through differentiated instruction

U-Unique enrichment opportunities

E-Environments that offer diversity



Thinking Skills


Information Literacy


Affective Skills

Success Skills


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Winter STEM

Thanksgiving Escape Room

STEM Making Snow

spaghetti tower STEM

Itawamba Community College Field Trip

Christmas Around the World


Informational Websites:

Scope and Sequence

National Association for Gifted Children

Mississippi Association for Gifted Children!resources-for-parents/lf2x6

Uniquely Gifted (twice-exceptional)

Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

Families of the Talented & Gifted